Thursday, February 15, 2007

African Painters | The Artists

Here are some of the artists I have met our would have liked to meet. They are heroes each and every one.

Take a closer look at the work of these African heroes.


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Nice to see this blog! If you'd ever like to spotlight the Gambian artists we work with at Worldgoods Fair Trade, that'd be awesome. They carvers, painters, and more are really working hard to get beyond the point of being a "tourist attraction" and making people see the beauty and cultural identity within the stories that make each piece of art.

You can see some of the Brikama Carvers work and Kabir's batik paintings at the Worldgoods Website . Thanks and good job!

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Do You Wonder?

African Artists said...

Hi all,

Sorry to be away for so long. This blog has been hacked into and I am no longer able to access the site. I've been busy finding new and exciting artists around the globe and the blog has now moved and changed to

African Artists | -

if you are interested in reading and seeing more contemporary African art just pop by.

Thanks for your support,

Joe Pollitt
African Artists

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This just became my favorite blog ever. Can we connect in private in regards to this subject?


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Thanks for this, brilliant post.
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