Monday, November 27, 2006

Alex La Guma | Time of the Butcherbird

Time of the Butcherbird


Out on the flat, featureless South African veld, a small mining town is waiting for rain. As the oppressive summer wears on, the white Afrikaner townspeople seem to be unaware of the storm brewing out on the plain. Out in the bush, a shepherd recalls the riddle of the butcherbird.


Review by Lexi Wades from United Kingdom

La Guma mixes white decadence with black injustice in this story of segregation and the changing face of South African society in the middle of the twentieth century. Our sympathy is shared between a young white woman bored with her life and the sequence of events that have led her to where she is and a pair of black brothers who are naive to the ways of an unjust society.
TOTB is an interesting an enlightening novel and defiantly worth reading if you are interested in African society.


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