Friday, November 24, 2006

Black and Beautiful

Black and Beautiful: How Women of Colour Changed the Fashion Industry
Barbara Summers

Barbara Summers is a true fashion insider. Drawing from 17 years of experience as a Ford model and more than a decade of interviews with models and fashion professionals, she has created Black and Beautiful, the first book to recognize the powerful impact black models have had on both the fashion industry and popular culture. With insight and flair, Summers chronicles the evolution of black models-including Beverly Johnson, Helen Williams, Iman, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, and others - whose names may have been forgotten but whose faces have left a lasting impression - exploring the behind-the-scene challenges that tested their courage, endurance, and integrity in a world both glamorous and harsh. Illustrated with more than 250 breathtaking images by the world`s most acclaimed photographers, Black and Beautiful is a crowning tribute to the beauty - and intelligence, heroism, and power - of black women everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

black women do not have long str8 waist long hair dearest.

this is what I mean, what happened to us, i mean back in the 60's fake hair was fun, we all remember the wig advertisments, in Ebony, but jeez girl get a grip this is 2007.