Friday, November 24, 2006

Skin Deep

Skin Deep: The Story of Black Models in America and Abroad
Barbara Summers

Review from a reader from Westchester, New York

I loved this book from front to back. It gave me an inside perspective on how black models are treated in the fashion industry. After being brain washed and white washed by dozens of Vogue, Glamour, and Cosmo magazines, I had lost sight of how beautiful and elegant black models/women are. This is unfortunate but true and can only account for the racist attitudes and standards that Western society especially America has against ethnic African, Asian, Latin, and Native American Indian beauty. Ethnic beauty is copied and exploited. You can see it in every page of the most popular fashion magazines. I also read Eileen Ford`s comment about this book. She was wrong wasn`t she. Thank you for writing this book Ms. Summers. It is unquestionably a work of art.

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